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How to make homemade liver and onion

How to make homemade liver and onion

Check out this Beef Liver and Onions recipe from Lake Geneva Country Meats. Ingredients, directions, tips, and more! If I hadn't married a cowboy, I probably wouldn't be able to tell you what liver and onions tastes like. Here are two variations of the classic recipe. A Liver and onions old fashion with lots of flavor. Quick and easy recipe. No flour needed! A lot of great tips for cooking it! This Venezuelan Beef Liver and Onions is flavorful and easy to make! Be a culinary adventurer and open your senses to this nutritional.

How to make homemade liver and onion

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Heat the oil in a 25cm x 12cm ovenproof pan then add the lamb and brown really well, this will take a few minutes.

Add the flour and tomato puree to soak up any excess fat from the meat Next add the vegetables and stir well, then add the boiling water and sprinkle in the stock cube.

Add a little pepper and bring back to a simmer, so the stock thickens - the water should just cover the veg and lamb.

Make sure the soup is not commonly thick while cooking it because it will become darker as it sit longer. Used few traditional ingredient like opei or ogiri in the soup it works the soup with irresistible aroma and taste.