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Mushroom risotto description content

Mushroom risotto description content

Meat Source Selection We work local farmers, prefer mushroom risotto description content livestock cattle and lamb and use our freshly cut meats. Meat Mixture We traditionally use lamb and beef meat together for ideal doner mixture.

Marinating and Seasoning Meats used to produce Doner Kebab are marinated and seasoned special blends of several spices, yogurt, onion. Handcrafted Production Our professional team leaders who have over 30 years of experience to manage all process.

We use professional humane handling methods through the cutting process.

We rest carcasses meats in cooler at least one day. We work closely with reliable farmers and animal suppliers for selecting best livestock. We only select livestock are raised on grass for the majority of their lives then finished on grain for a distinctive flavour and outstanding taste.

Fresh Cut Meats In every touch in bringing MRG meat from farm to plate, there are a dedication, love and the ideal of serving mankind for delivering top quality fresh meat.

Mushroom risotto description content

Nefaset Doner is made from our freshest cut meats from our inventory. Packaging We form 20 lbs and 40 lbs raw doner cones that are all set on a vertical rotisserie grill.

Pre-cooked and sliced doner is put in 2,5lbs packages.

We can prepare optional packages for wholesale customers. We keep doner in the freezer before presented to our valued customers.

Our products are packaged in branded and graded bags with the highest quality packaging materials and equipment and delivered in Nefaset branded boxes.

Our meats that are used to produce Nefaset Doner are all Zabiha Halal. I always like the drier version of Malaysian chicken curry.

Mushroom risotto description content

Without hesitation, I printed the recipe and made this curry for dinner.

Jamie's Perfect Mushroom Risotto