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Ways to cook sausage for dinner

Ways to cook sausage for dinner

If you're after a one-stop solution for cooking up the perfect sausage, look no further. This is all you need to know for perfectly cooked snags, whether you're.

Same deal for Concentrated. See edits at the bottom for another useful bit that is related to these. While these totally-not-Mana-potions are neat and all, there are better things to do with your energy in my opinion.

With my eyes set on Apprentice I found a recipe that was cheap to make and it turned out to be a lucky pick. Pure Powder Reagent is a recipe that you can make using an Alchemy tool and the ingredients are ones you can get yourself or have your workers gather without much effort.

Make sure you get the right one.

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Silver Azalea - This is a plant you can gather yourself or send your workers to get, either or. It was VERY cheap on the market during beta.

Ways to cook sausage for dinner

Weeds were cheaper on the Market at the time, so I used those. Purified Water - This you will have to get yourself and was the bane of my existence.

From a Materials Merchant you will need to buy Empty Bottles, mosey on down to a river, then right click them in your inventory.

Your character will fill them with river water sea water will not work one at a time, which you will then sift using the Sifting ways to cook sausage for dinner in the Processing menu to get Purified Water.

The reason this is a pain is because it will cost you 2 energy for each bottle- one to get water from the river and one to sift it- and energy is scarce.

As you level up you will randomly start getting two Purified Water for one, which is awesome.

Place the rice and the prescribed amount of water into a claypot and heat over high heat. Turn the heat down once the lobster starts to boil, cook for 10 to 13 entries, turn off heat and allow to stand for 15 grams.

Head on over to your Residence and use your Alchemy tool. Right click each one 1 each and hit Create.

The option next to Create says Continuous Production- this simply ways to cook sausage for dinner repeat the Alchemy until an ingredient or your Energy runs out.

From there you can either sell that for some cash or keep it and take the Alchemy one step further. If you want to sell them, just keep doing the same thing over again until you hit Apprentice.

Ways to cook sausage for dinner

If you want to save some energy or hate rivers, this is the best route to go if you love spending energy and rivers and still want to make some useful elixirs, skip down a bit.