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How long do i bake tuna steaks coupon code

How long do i bake tuna steaks coupon code

I tried reheating some in the microwave last night and they came out quite tough.

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Does any one have any tips on reheating them. Thanks, From: Nancy Young qwerty at mail.

That's the perfect tool for the job, IMO, because you don't have to heat up your whole oven in order to just warm up a bit of leftovers.

A convection-microwave oven would also work, but if you had one of those you'd probably know that.

How long did you microwave the potatoes for.

I use my microwave to warm up potatoes and its never been a problem. I just nuke for a minute or two on the medium setting.

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Then I turn the potatoes all around and nuke on medium power for another 20 or 30 seconds.

You probably cooked the potatoes at too high power or for too long a period of time, or both.