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How to prepare fried rice in bengali

How to prepare fried rice in bengali

Freshly grind the peppercorns so that you have about ½ tsp pepper. This one of my easy recipe with one day old steamed rice. So let's An easy and delicious fried rice that will go perfectly to any Chinese dish! A quick and easy way to whip up your favourite Fried Rice at home!

Serve: Place pretzel poppers onto a serving plate with the mustard sauce. Marinate the chicken breasts in soya sauce, black pepper, salt and a pinch of sugar.

Cook on griddle pan on each side until cooked.

Add black pepper, water, soya and oyster sauce. Thicken with corn flour. Pour sauce in a serving pot.

Blanch big chunks of potato in hot water till half done. Drain water and brown them in oil.

Place grilled chicken in platter.

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Place fried rice and potatoes on the sides along sauce and serve.

চাইনিজ চিকেন ভেজিটেবল ফ্রাইড রাইস - Bangla Recipe of Chinese Chicken Vegetable Fried Rice