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Strawberry mango blended margarita

Strawberry mango blended margarita

To make up for that horrendous 21st birthday drink, I've created a much better version of the strawberry margarita. A blended strawberry mango. Swirl layers of red strawberry margarita with yellow mango margarita in this skinny frozen cocktail for a festive party drink that will wow your guests.​ Place strawberries, 1½ cups ice, ½ cup tequila, ⅓ cup lime juice, ¼ cup Triple Sec and 2 tablespoons simple syrup in a blender.

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Garnish: Mini basket of caramel popcorn Method: Stir with ice. Strain onto a big lump of ice. Pour a whole ml bottle of Bulleit over it and seal.

Allow to infuse for two hours.

Strain out the corn, squeezing the corn through muslin to extract soaked whiskey. Add 75ml of clarified unsalted butter.

Cover and allow to infuse for two to three hours. Place vessel in the freezer until butter solidifies. Remove strawberry mango blended margarita and strain through coffee filter paper into a bottle.

Store in the fridge or freezer before use to retain flavour of infusion.

Strawberry mango blended margarita

For a drink with only three ingredients that seems fairly simple to make, there are myriad ways it can be constructed. It all starts with the base spirit and that typically means a good whiskey.

Blended Strawberry Mango Margarita; strawberry mango blended margarita

I prefer using a higher proof whiskey as it continues to make its presence felt as the drink keeps on diluting.

To achieve the most sublime balance, the Old Fashioned, in my opinion, should be stirred over ice and strained on fresh ice.

If you have those clear large ice strawberries mango blended margarita or spheres, even better.

Without this step, the drink never tastes right upon first sip. I have never understood London's bar keeps taking several minutes to make what is actually a very simple drink Not everyone agrees and many bartenders choose to stir the drink over a large piece of ice directly in the glass.

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