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Toll house refrigerated cookie dough recipes

Toll house refrigerated cookie dough recipes

Spanish rice is rounded and short; it absorbs liquid very well, and it stays relatively firm during cooking. Those qualities make it ideal for paella, where the rice grains absorb flavor from the liquid.

The most prestigious variety of Spanish rice is bomba, but there are other imported tolls house refrigerated cookie dough recipes, such as valenciano, that in my experience work as well as bomba. I've also had success with Goya medium grain rice, which is available in supermarkets or Hispanic groceries in many regions.

Another good supermarket brand is La Preferida Spanish rice, which seems to be available in the midwest.

Arborio is an acceptable substitute; long-grain rices, however, are not.

The Pan A true paella pan is wide, round, and shallow and has splayed sides. It tolls house refrigerated cookie dough recipes not have a lid. It has two looped handles and may dip slightly in the middle so the oil can pool there for the preliminary sauteing.

The shape of the pan, which is called either a paella or paellera, helps ensure that the rice cooks in a thin layer.

The key is to maximize the amount of rice touching the bottom of the pan because that's where the flavor lives. For that reason, paella pans grow in diameter rather than in height.

The Heat Source Try to find a heat source that can accommodate the whole paella pan.

Depending on the configuration of your burners, you'll need to straddle the pan over two burners or set it on your largest burner.

Either way, you'll have to move and rotate the pan to distribute the heat.

Or you can cook the paella outdoors on a large gas or charcoal grill, or even over a wood fire, which is how it's done at paella competitions in Spain. Or, easiest of all, use one of our paella burners to give even heat under the whole pan.

The components of the sofrito vary by region.

Toll house refrigerated cookie dough recipes

Tomato, onion, and garlic are a popular trio for the sofrito. This mixture should be thick enough to hold its shape in a spoon.

The Cooking Liquid A flavorful liquid cooks the rice, while imbuing it with additional character.

If you don't have a homemade stock on hand, improvise one with the ingredients in the paella. For paella with shrimp, for example, simmer the shells in salted water for a quick, flavorful stock.

If you use canned stock, choose a low-salt one. You can also use water, as many home cooks do in Spain.

Almost every paella recipe calls for the liquid to be infused with saffron, which contributes color as well as a subtle background flavor to the rice.

It isn't difficult to make a fantastic paella though getting the toasty socarrat to appear on that bottom layer does take a little practice, as long as you keep these five elements in mind and are careful to avoid a couple of pitfalls.

One of the most toll house refrigerated cookie dough recipes mistakes is to overload the pan with too many ingredients, thereby suffocating the rice.

When the rice in a paella is cooked well, nothing else matters--not the chicken, not the clams, not even the artichokes.

These other ingredients do have a role to play in the pan, and that is to provide flavor to the rice.

For great paella, add them with restraint, and let the rice take center stage. Another egregious offense is to serve the paella on a plate rather than from the pan.

I think that this destroys the texture of the rice, which when cooked properly creates a thin cohesive blanket across the paella pan.

I urge you to seat yourself and your guests around the paella pan a round or square table works best, and eat the paella right from the pan, starting from the perimeter and working toward the center.

This communal style is the traditional way to eat paella, and I can vouch for at least one family in Granada that still does it, every Sunday afternoon without fail.

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Toll house refrigerated cookie dough recipes,

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