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The best recipe for fresh basil pesto

The best recipe for fresh basil pesto

Classic, simple basil pesto recipe with fresh basil leaves, pine nuts, garlic, the plastic is touching the top of the pesto and not allowing the pesto to have contact​. Learn how to make basil pesto with this recipe, plus find tips on how to My favorite sources for affordable fresh basil are the farmers' market. It's so easy to learn how to make pesto at home. This basil pesto recipe from Jamie Oliver is packed full of fresh flavour and is ready in five minutes. Homemade Pesto Recipe, An easy recipe for homemade basil pesto! Pesto is made from a mixture of fresh basil, garlic, cheese, nuts, and.

By Kristen Mccaffrey on Jan 1, Healthy Fried Rice made with cooked brown rice, eggs, and cabbage tastes just like the real thing but only has calories per serving.

This tastes as good as any restaurant version but is healthy and good for you. Healthy Fried Rice tastes just as good as your favorite take-out version but so much healthier.

Using cooked brown rice, eggs, green onions, cabbage, carrots, and a simple soy sauce mixture you make delicious healthy fried rice at home in less than 10 minutes.

This healthy fried rice will change your mind about making healthy Chinese food.

I promise its possible and its delicious. We have a bit of a storied past, meaning most times I make it, it turns into a weird, usually soggy, mess.

Luckily I have persistence and keep coming back for more and this time I finally figured it out.

The best recipe for fresh basil pesto

First, the rice needs to be cold and ideally one day old. When rice cools it lets out some of the excess moisture the best recipe for fresh basil pesto makes it better for frying.

The soggy rice of my past was caused by cooking the rice and then immediately using it to make the fried rice. Fried rice should be cooked quickly and constantly stirred to avoid burning.

Finally, cook your eggs first.

You will probably end up with soggy, eggy rice like I have in the past. And that is the secret to delicious fried rice.

Add in whatever veggies you like and if you really want an authentic flavor, consider adding in a few dashes of fish sauce.

Some notes about preparing this Healthy Fried Rice: Make sure your rice is cooked and either cold or room temperature if you seek crispy fried rice.

Using warm rice adds more moisture to the dish and makes it much more difficult to get a nice, crispy finish on the rice.

Since Iam always trying to use whole grains, I opted for brown rice in the recipe.

However, you can use traditional white rice as well if you prefer. Other grains will also work.

It should be piquant, but not unpleasantly sour. Stir in red chilli flakes and set aside.

I have made this dish with quinoa, farro, and barley with great results. It will also work for cauliflower rice if you want a lower carb option.

If you don't have time to cook and cool your rice, consider using precooked rice from the freezer section of your grocery store.

Cook it for less time than suggested so that it just cooked through and not hot.

When it comes to veggies, you can add almost anything. Many fried rice recipes contain peas, so feel free to toss those in as well.

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To keep things quick and easy, I usually just use a bag of pre-shredded coleslaw mix. Want to sweeten things up.

Adding some fresh pineapple is delicious in this recipe. It adds a really nice layer of sweetness to the recipe. You can add any type of protein to this dish, just make sure it is precooked.

Chicken, diced pork, shrimp, and tofu all work great.

Here are some of the most common. Is fried rice good for weight loss.

Most restaurant fried rice is full of calories and fat, so it isn't the best choice for weight loss.

Luckily this lightened up fried rice is packed with veggies, brown rice, and uses a minimal amount of oil. This makes it a much better option for anyone looking to lose weight or eat healthier. Is egg fried rice good for you. Normally egg fried rice is packed with unhealthy calories from tons of cooking oil.

However, this healthy version is much better for you and the egg adds protein, vitamins, and nutrients.