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Easy recipe for tuna pasta bake

Easy recipe for tuna pasta bake

Incredibly easy tuna pasta bake that utilizes everything you already have in your pantry! Canned tuna is the star of this pasta bake! Just six ingredients is all you need for this speedy, budget-friendly tuna pasta bake! An easy tuna pasta bake recipe that's a proper family favourite. With melted Cheddar cheese on top, it'll guarantee clean plates all round! Happy days.

This meat is delicious in any preparation style, but cooking it sous vide takes it to the next level.

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The meat becomes incredibly tender and juicy, while having sporting an edge to edge rosy color.

For this cook, we took the tri tip to the next level by seasoning it with Santa Maria inspired spices. And boy, it is amazing.

In this dish, it is all about the sauce. The combination of chicken juice, butter and herbs united harmoniously to create a brilliant sauce.

Put the heavenly sauce on succulent sous vide chicken breast, and you have yourself a meal that will please the masses.

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First off, sous vide flank steak is simply unbelievable. It is insanely tender and juicy with great flavor.

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The definition of perfection. Then you add a marinade of soy sauce, sesame oil, ginger and garlic to the steak and you have the easy recipe for tuna pasta bake flavor profile.

Do yourself a favor and make this recipe stat. The ease and precision of Anova takes low and slow to a new level and delivers out of this world results.

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Scatter the peppers and sweet potato into the pan and stir-fry with the aubergine and onions for another 4 minutes.