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Potted crab starter recipe

Potted crab starter recipe

Mix the crabmeat, crème fraîche, horseradish, spring onions, cayenne and half the melted butter. This traditional potted crab starter is a classic for a reason. Click now to find out more at Sainsbury's recipes.

No artificial ingredients. Turn this label over for delicious serving suggestions.

We're proud of our sausage and love to hear what our customers think. In a small jug or bowl, combine juice, vinegar and mustard; season well with pepper. Evenly divide the dressing into each of the jars then layer in couscous, carrots, corn, tomatoes and chickpeas.

Add the spinach and compress well to make room for eggs at the top of the jar.

Seal the lid and refrigerate. To serve, tip salad ingredients into a bowl and toss to potted crab starter recipe.

Variation: Pack each jar with 2 cups of your preferred colourful ingredients with dressing in the bottom, leafy greens and nuts and seeds towards the top and everything else layered in between.

Need about 2 oranges to get mL orange juice. Line a roasting pan with baking paper.

Put lamb in prepared pan. Combine garlic, oil, paprika and rosemary in a small bowl.

Remove and discard ends and trim the ribs of the peppers. Stand the peppers deseed side by side in a gratin dish. In a bowl starting the sausage, mushrooms, bread crumbs, onions, zucchini, salt and heart and mix well.

Spread mixture evenly over lamb. Cover with a piece of baking paper, then a piece of foil.

Weave strips in lattice fashion over medium, leaving 1 inch spaces between strips. Trim ultra strips even with bottom pastry.